Introductive Slide Show 〗〖 Race Information 〗〖 Google Map of Venue 〗〖 Course Map – 12Km 〗〖 Course Map – 5Km for Junior

〖 Simulation Race [2019] of 12Km : Slide Show Video 〗〖 Simulation Race [2019] of 12Km : In-Action Video by an athlete

On-Line Entry Form for WSC [2020] in Myoko 〗

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability 〗

Race & Travel Related Information for WSC [2020] in Myoko 〗

 “Last Minute Information and Schedule for Participants to WSC 2020 in Myoko”(tentative title) will be sent to all participants by Email around 2/1/2020, which includes all the information you need last before travel, such as more detailed schedule in Myoko, course map, your hotel if you booked through JSSF, registration location, phone number of English speaking Concierge, Chartered Bus Stop location in Shinjuku (Tokyo), and so on.

WSC Torch and Banner have arrived at Myoko from Ciaspolada, Italy, the host town of WSC 2019 – 3/29/2019

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