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WSC Torch and Banner have arrived at Myoko from Ciaspolada, Italy, the host town of WSC 2019 – 3/29/2019

News from Japan Snowshoeing Federation

One of the subjects currently under discussion between JSSF and WSSF are the course conditions. The major requirements of WSSF are:

(a) To make sure that the course is not viewed as a run through thigh-deep snow where the lead athletes break the trail for those that choose to follow behind. Racers want to be able to "run" most of the course; and
(b) The course, whether packed or virgin snow, must be clear of trees, branches or debris at least 3 meters (3 yards and 1 foot) on straight-ways to facilitate passing. On curves the trail must be at least 2 meters wide.

JSSF has the following thoughts and proposals about (a) and (b) above for snowshoeing racing:

(a) Snowshoeing racing should provide a unique technical, tactical and physical test of the competitors' qualifications, demonstrating characteristics and performance of their snowshoes to the maximum. The 12Km distance discipline will demand versatile techniques (for uphill, downhill, and traverse), high level tactics, and strong physicality in the hilly and/or non-packed snow sections, and speed in the relatively flat and packed snow sections.

A snowshoeing race is not a running race, but a time race to compete through sections of versatile course conditions. In particular, overtaking an athlete in a section of packed snow conditions demonstrates versatile techniques, high level tactics, and strong physicality showing sportsmanship and respect of other athletes. As a local rule, JSSF sets a drafting zone of 10 meters long and 1 meter wide behind an athlete in non-packed snow sections. Athletes must not enter into another athlete’s space in this drafting zone when following or overtaking the leading athlete.

(b) This rule shall not be applied fully to WSC [2020] taking into account factors such as the weather conditions at the venue "Myoko" which has snow falls easily over 30 cm and sometimes 100 cm a night. In the mountain sections of the 12Km race, a minimum 0.5 meter width should be allowed in parts.

If you have any question and/or opinion, please contact JSSF.
JSSF is currently reviewing the Event Partnership Agreement, which has been prepared by WSSF to determine the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

In order to finalize the review, JSSF has been waiting for the WSSF’s estimation of how many countries are planning to send their athletes to this event. This estimation is essential in order to make the whole plan of this event including information necessary for visiting foreign athletes to make their entry and travel plans.

For reference purposes, JSSF is also waiting for copies of the agreements of the past two World Championships in order to make the Championships [2020] in Myoko a well run, enjoyable, and safe event as much as possible by studying the past events.

JSSF hopes that all foreign athletes who are planning to participate in this event will understand this situation and be patient in waiting a little longer for further information for the planning, which will be posted here. If you have a question and/or need a help to plan your travel for this event, please contact JSSF.
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